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Consultation, Audit, and Training.

The Western Environmental Health and Food Inspection Agency (WEHFIA)

is a private and independently owned business that specializes in Environmental Health, Hygiene

and Food Safety services. We bridge the gap in providing our clients with sound advice and training

that they need, to implement policies and procedures in their operation. We offer services that

will guarantee their certification from the Ministry of Health and other international certifying bodies.

V I E W  A L L  S E R V I C E S

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V I E W   A L L  P R I C I N G


A Few Words About Us

Western Environmental Health and Food Inspection Agency

Jamaica’s number 1  consulting agency that helps you stand up to the scrutiny of your health inspection and guarantee your certification.

Qualified Employees

All employees associated with WEHFIA are highly  trained Environmental Health  and Food Specialists from the University of Technology.  We also utilize the services of Public Health Inspectors from the Ministry of Health.

Consultation and other Services

Food Safety inspection

Develop and Implement Food Safety Management System.

Food Safety Training.

Environmental Health and Safety Training

Sell the Jamaican Food Handlers Handbook.

Food Safety monitoring of social gathering such as; staff events, baby showers, weddings, food festivals etc. 

Sell thermometers, chemical testers, scoops etc.

Continuous support, advice  and guidance throughout the year for food establishments and hotels etc.


Provide pre-assessment to determine company's needs.

Train staff in new policies and procedures to increase their overall awareness.
Improve upon existing Food Safety practices and procedures.
Assist in the preparation for pre-audit and audit with the certifying bodies. 
Find solutions to challenges and barriers for implementing a standard scheme.
Provide ongoing support and new standards information as it evolves, specific to food safety and the industry sector.
Source equipment and utensils such as, thermometers, scoops, chemical testers etc.

The Jamaican Food Handler's Handbook: 

This is the most important guide book for food operators and establishments in Jamaica. It provides all the required information to assist you to prepare and pass the food handlers assessment required to obtain a food handlers permit.

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Food Safety Violation The secrets they don't want you to know: This Public Health Best Seller provides all the secrets you need to keep you and your family safe when purchasing food items. Learn  how some food operators let stale meat seem fresh,  all the  information you need from a Senior Public Health Inspector.

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What our customers are saying

I was starting up a small food store in my area and I didn't know there were so many things I needed to implement in order to comply with health laws. I am very happy I used WEHFIA to guide me me along the way, they were very professional and help me step by step along my journey. I highly recommend them!!

Mark Anderson from Kingston Jamaica