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          Our Services

 The Western Environment Health & Food Inspection Agency (WEHFIA)  works with all types of food business including hotels, food manufactures, clubs and retail food outlets. We also work with hair dressers, barber salons, school and aged care facilities.

Food safety training

We offer food handlers training: This aims to educate persons who aim to acquire their food handlers permit. After completing our training, you will be able to sit the food handlers assessment and get certified by the Ministry of Health.

Sale of Food handlers handbooks

We offer for sale, 2 best selling books every food establishment and business owners should own.

1. The Jamaican Food Handlers Handbook

2. Food Safety Violation: The secrets they don't want you to know

Environmental health training

Here are a list of training we currently offer;

1. Vector control training

2. Water quality training

3. Occupational health and safety training

Monitoring of special events

If you are hosting an event (Parties, Weddings, Baby Showers, Company Staff social events etc) you are required to have a public health specialist at you event to ensure the following;

1. Food at the event is being kept at the correct temperature.

2. Solid waste management is being done during the event.

3. Water quality testing

Food business inspection

We offer inspection services of your food establishment to ensure you are complying with the standards set by the Jamaican government. 

We provide these services for both new and existing businesses who are attempting to renew their license

Sale of food operation utensils and equipment

We offer for our clients the following items for sale which will assist them to effectively run their food establishment: 

1. Thermometer

2. Scoops

3. Cutting boards etc

Want to book us for training or consultation?

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